Between 1933 and 1945, the national socialist regime established a system of crime sites throughout Europe. In addition to concentration and extermination camps, sites termed “labour reformatory camps,“ “camps for the protection of juveniles“ and “police detention camps“ were erected, although the living conditions in these camps differed very little from those in the concentration camps.

survey map Germany in the frontiers of 1941 with entries for camps and detention centers.

Many of these crime sites have been forgotten and the extent of the persecution is practically unknown. A majority of these “forgotten sites” have been systematically collected in this database. So far over 3600 sites have been recorded. For the first time, various maps that visually present the topography of persecution were created based on collected facts.

Besides the map with all entries, you will notice on this map, we provide survey maps for the chronological development of the camp system, and camps and detention sites ordered by categories. Further explanations about out approach can be found within the notes about the database .

Due to a lack of resources we were not able to translate the whole site into English. Especially the database entries concerning the individual camps and detention sites are in German.

This project may contain errors. As a work in progress it is continually revised and expanded. For this reason, we welcome suggestions, criticism and contributions.

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